Why consider Pre-Need?

1. To qualify yourself for Medicaid. Medicaid allows a spend down process, and you may use part of all of your savings to pay for your funeral. If you do not do this, and are admitted to a nursing home, Medicaid will first use your funds before your Medicaid becomes effective.

2. Many people prearrange their funerals because they want to attend to all of the details themselves. They feel this is the last thing they can do for themselves.

3. Many don’t have an immediate surviving family. Prearrangements are a way of taking care of your final details by yourself.

4. Do you have specific wishes for your funeral? Prearrangements are a way to make sure your wishes are adhered to such as how much to spend, final disposition, what type of casket you want, what cemetery (or cremation plans). Many even write their own obituaries?

5. Do you want to choose the type of services that are reflective of the life you lived? Only you know detailed information about yourself?


Spend down procedures for Medicaid of SSI. Did you know that when you go on SSI there is a limit as to the amount that you are entitled to personal funds? However, you may spend down your assets before going on Medicaid by preplanning your funeral. By making prearrangements, you guarantee that you can have the type of service you would like at the time of death, rather than relying on social services funds for burials. Accumulation of funds in a nursing home Personal Needs Account. If a patient dies in a nursing with funds in a Personal Needs Account (PNA) and the family utilizes social services for burial funds, the PNA will go back to social services. However, prior to the death of a patient, the family can put funds into a Preneed funeral account.

Assurance that your wishes will be followed at the time of your death.

Some people find themselves in a position of being the last survivor in their family, or of having no immediate relatives. You may not wish to leave your funeral arrangements to chance, or depend upon friends to make choices concerning your funeral arrangements. Making prearrangements ensures that you have the type of services you want.

A desire to have your affairs in order

We make plans for all major events in our lives: the birth of a baby, weddings, college tuition payment, and the purchase of a new home or a new car. A funeral is a major life decision, and should not be treated lightly. Prearrangements for a funeral are a logical, wise life choice.

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